WebTV: Making the TV offering more appealing – Flamingo Tea Talks episode 4

By Thibaut Boissot, Sales Engineer at Anevia


Guests care about where, when and how they can watch TV. But if they can’t get the channels they want, all the rest becomes irrelevant. But different guests want to watch different things. So what can hotels do? How can WebTV help?


One of the main challenges that hotels face is to find the right channel line-up. They need to ask themselves: is this channel a must-have, a nice-to-have, or simply a useless channel?


The problem is, there is no right answer throughout the year. The answer changes depending on who has booked the rooms. So ideally, hotels would need an agile way to change the channel offering from one month to the next.


But with traditional channels, this kind of agility is difficult to achieve. Subscriptions are year-long.


Another challenge that hotels face is to find the right source. And even if they have the right source, adding it to the channel line-up could be painful. The hotel might need to add or redirect an antenna on the roof – which costs money. It also adds complexity, involving an antenna specialist, an integrator, etc. As a consequence, it could take several days, or even several weeks, to set up.


So what can hotels do?


Watch this video to get my insights on how WebTV can solve these problems, and how hotels can get channels on WebTV. It is episode 4 of Flamingo Tea Talks:

And stay tuned for our next blog article to find out how hotels can distribute TV channels on guest mobile devices!



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