My three key take-aways from HTNG

Authored by Ivonne Prugnaud, VP Sales Worldwide Enterprise

Last month I spent a few days in Portugal at the HTNG European Conference. Besides the lovely weather and location, it was great to learn about new ways that technology can help hotels improve their guests’ experiences.

Among the many interesting talks at HTNG, here are three that got me thinking:

1. Mohsin Maqsood of Guest-Tek talked about Hotspot 2.0 – which makes hotels so much more like home in terms of Wi-Fi connection.

Currently, you can connect to Wi-Fi in the lobby. But when you take the lift to go up to your room, you lose that connection. You need to re-connect – to a different network – from your bedroom. And to another one yet when you’re by the pool.

Hotspot 2.0 makes all this history. The experience becomes more like cellular roaming – where the device just knows what to do and does it. That’s how technology should work – serving us, seamlessly. No demands. No disruptions. No endless user admin.

I wonder how this will change hotel guests’ video-viewing behaviour. Will it increase lift traffic, as guests who are captivated by the latest episode of their favourite TV show miss their floor – and have to go back down again?

Whatever the resulting practices, hotels had better make sure they enable their guests to view TV video streams on their seamlessly connected devices. (And by the way, our Multiscreen IPTV head-ends can help… Just saying!)

2. The IT Director of Carnival took us on a cruise… of the cruising industry.

I learned that cruise guests are 46 years old on average. But generation Z is the future of travel – and they travel with mobile devices. They expect immediate connectivity. For them, it seems, Internet and Wi-Fi are even more basic needs than survival – coming before the need for food, shelter, and sleep.

And they’re not the only ones. Among the top three things holding millennials back from cruising is slow and expensive Internet.

So what to do to capture millennials and get ready for generation Z? Deliver an at-home Internet experience – with increased bandwidth, different Internet package options, and thousands of access points throughout the ship.

And once the whole ship is seamlessly connected and invaded by hordes of youngsters with multiple devices… I bet they’ll want to watch their favourite TV programmes on these devices. So cruise-ship companies, make sure you contact us to get your Multiscreen IPTV head-ends!

3. CNN International shared the success of CNN Digital, which is number one with millennials.

What’s interesting is that it does not just focus on news. There’s CNN Digital, CNN Travel, CNN Style, CNN Money, CNN VR…

So is the winning strategy to diversify content to cater to the needs of different viewers? Stay tuned for a new article coming soon on ethnic TV!

While technology has an important role to play in the hotel (and floating hotel) industry, hotels must be clear on why they want it. These presentations brought the why to life:

  • Hotels need to cater to young people who grew up with the Internet (millennials and generation Z),
  • To do this, they must offer seamless Internet connection (Hotspot 2.0 can help),
  • And they must diversify their content offering, while reaching multiple devices.

So, how long till millennials and generation Z start filling your hotel?



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