Scale and monetise live, time-shifted and on-demand multiscreen TV.


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TV and video are your business

Engage viewers on every screen

OTT video delivery has been adopted by viewers around the world, and it’s here to stay. Telcos, TV operators, broadcasters and anyone who has content to distribute can now stream it live, directly to any connected consumer device. They can also provide vast video libraries so viewers can watch their favorite shows on-demand, when and where it suits them best.

But there are technical challenges. How do you ensure broadcast quality when delivering over an unmanaged network? How do you reduce latency, so that viewers see the action almost as it is happening? How do you scale up for peak viewing – and scale back down after?

This is where Anevia comes in. We have been developing solutions for online video for 15 years, since OTT was born. This has given us time to perfect our products and adapt them to the evolving TV and video landscape.  Whether it’s reducing latency to a strict minimum or ensuring that even the most popular live content is delivered without annoying buffers, Anevia is here to help our customers meet, and even exceed, consumer demands.

TV and video support your business

Give your patients, guests or customers access to high-quality TV, in and out of their rooms

Whether you’re in the business of healthcare or hospitality, if you run a cruise ship or a casino, your patients, guests and customers all expect the same thing. They want access to high-quality TV in and out of their rooms – just like at home. And why not also on their own devices?

Offer a premium multiscreen TV experience by delivering live, time-shifted and on-demand TV with Anevia’s suite of head-end solutions.


Want to know more about how Anevia’s products and expertise can help you deliver à la carte next-generation TV experiences anytime, anywhere, and on any screen?

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OTT Service Providers & Broadcasters Win with End-to-End Control over Performance

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Delight your patients, guests or customers on every screen

Genova Live brochure 514.26 KB

Future-proof your business with ultra-low latency live OTT encoding

Genova File brochure 1.56 MB

Prepare your VOD catalogue for broadcast-quality streaming

NEA-Live® brochure 1.36 MB

Advanced origin video server for live and timeshift

NEA-DVR® brochure 485.17 KB

Advanced origin video server for live, timeshift, startover, cutv and nPVR

NEA-CDN® brochure 486.63 KB

Deliver low latency and broadcast-quality content

Anevia Pilot for Genova brochure 3.13 MB

Facilitate the deployment and operations of your encoders and packagers with Genova Manager

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Reduce your opex and support costs through remote monitoring and configuration

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View and present your entire channel line-up

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