We have designed a range of products and solutions that enable you to scale and monetize live, time-shifted and on-demand multiscreen TV


Deliver an immersive viewing experience with NEA-LIVE

Launch broadcast-quality, low latency live and time-shifted TV services, quickly and securely.

Anevia’s Multiscreen TV origin/packager, NEA-LIVE, enables you to launch broadcast-quality, FullHD live and time-shifted TV services quickly, securely, and with minimum latency.

NEA-LIVE records, packages and streams live and near-live content to any connected consumer or operator device – fast. Our packager was designed to manage the complexity of multiple streaming, subtitling and audio formats, and is integrated with all major DRM solutions, so your content will always be viewable, and secure, on every device, now and in the future.

We package content Just-in-Time, so video assets are sent to end-user devices in real-time, instead of being pre-packaged into each streaming protocol. This reduces the amount of storage you need and can lower bandwidth costs as your multiscreen content library grows.

And since content is cached directly on NEA-LIVE, it can be delivered more quickly to your CDN. Performance is improved, latency lowered to a minimum and your costs are reduced by 10% because you need fewer servers. So you go to market with high quality, low-latency and future-proof multiscreen TV services.

Benefits of NEA-LIVE:

  • Low latency (under 5 seconds) live streaming to any screen
  • Just-in-Time packaging reduces needed storage and lowers bandwidth costs
  • Integrated with all major DRM solutions

Multiple streaming, subtitling and audio formats


Reduce TCO, improve customer satisfaction and grow ARPU with NEA-DVR

Offer the possibility of unlimited recording to your viewers on every screen.

Being able to record live TV shows is a major consumer demand. With a Cloud DVR, you can offer the possibility of unlimited recording to your viewers, on every screen.  There’s no need to purchase a physical box, and delivery and repair costs become a thing of the past.

With Anevia’s Cloud DVR, NEA-DVR, you can increase customer satisfaction and ARPU, while at the same time reducing your operational costs. We do this through our Infinite Buffer, which streamlines asset and storage management. We only keep content that viewers have recorded, so you optimize storage and gain up to four times more capacity.

Storage is an important part of any Cloud DVR solution, which is why we designed a hyper-convergent storage system specifically for video, called EDS. EDS simplifies the integration between streaming and storage by embedding storage on servers, which cuts the number of physical rack units needed by two. EDS can be part of NEA-DVR, or if you prefer to work with an external NAS, we can do that too.

And since consumers aren’t restricted to the capacity of a physical DVR, you have the flexibility to adapt new pricing models to evolving recording needs, to improve customer satisfaction and ultimately, ARPU.

Benefits of NEA-DVR:

  • Access EDS storage seamlessly to improve customer satisfaction and ultimately, ARPU
  • Optimized EDS provides high availability and improves ingest / playback performance
  • Supports individual EPG-based or instant-based recordings
  • Infinite Buffer streamlines asset and storage management, so you gain up to four times more capacity
  • Encoder agnostic (EBP Cablelabs)
  • Supports Private Copy and Shared Copy models


Scale your OTT service for peak viewing with NEA-CDN

Deliver low latency and broadcast-quality content, even during high viewing periods.

Anevia’s Content Delivery Network, NEA-CDN, enables you to reduce costs while scaling for peak viewing.

We do this by using advanced video caching algorithms, such as content awareness, to improve caching efficiency and hit-ratio. Coupled with our chunk-sharing technology between live and Cloud DVR services, content delivery performance is enhanced and network usage optimized by up to 30%, saving you money.

NEA-CDN can also be built on an elastic Cloud infrastructure that can match any viewing demand by temporarily scaling up during peak events. And for managed mobile and IPTV networks, we use Multicast ABR / LTE Broadcast technology so high audience streams can be played back immediately by an unlimited number of viewers, at the same time.

This means you deliver low latency, broadcast-quality content – cost-efficiently – and even during the highest peak periods. Giving your viewers a consistent Quality of Experience.

Benefits of NEA-CDN:

  • Uses Multicast ABR / LTE Broadcast to manage live peaks
  • Highly scalable and elastic CDN adjusts to your traffic flows
  • Supports any adaptive streaming format : HLS, Smooth streaming, DASH
  • Allows enhanced requests routing to the selected origin servers depending on content type
  • More efficient caching dynamically applied on popular content
  • Business dashboards for audience measurements, asset popularity, user behavior analysis
  • Technical dashboards for capacity planning and infrastructure management


Delight your patients, guests or customers on every screen

Provide high quality, live and time-shifted multiscreen TV services over any network with Anevia’s Flamingo.

Our Flamingo head-end descrambles encrypted digital satellite, cable, terrestrial or IP-based live TV and radio content, and re-encrypts it just-in-time with device-specific DRM to deliver it securely to connected TVs, set-top-boxes, PCs and mobile devices.

Flamingo is modular and scalable, so you choose the input and output modules that fit with your business model – and you can remove or add more modules as your needs evolve.

Benefits of Flamingo:

  • Advanced features such as time-shift and pause live TV enable patients, guests or customers to regain control of their viewing schedule
  • Supports DASH, HLS and Smooth Streaming to mobile devices, even outside the room
  • Possibility to deliver specific content packages through web TV (on a temporary basis, for foreign delegations for example) without adding an additional satellite dish
  • Smooth EPG integration empowers interactive TV systems to easily retrieve “now and next” TV program schedule
  • Advanced Cloud Services features lead to OPEX savings through remote support and maintenance, offline staging and reporting
  • Software-based, on-the-fly content encryption plus descrambling / rescrambling within the Flamingo secures premium content to protect operator revenues
  • Flamingo is available as a software or in two modular appliances and can provide up to 88 tuners, allowing you to customize your TV channel configuration.


Offer on-demand, record and replay services for multiscreen TV

Your patients, guest and customers will never miss a program again with Flamingo Replay.

Flamingo Replay is a network Personal Video Recorder (nPVR) and Video-on-Demand (VoD) streaming server, that streams on-demand video content to set-top boxes, connected TVs, PCs, tablets or smartphones.

Flamingo Replay offers services such as video-on-demand, pause live TV, start-over, delayed channels, catch-up TV and network personal video recording (to record content on one Flaming Replay server, instead of on multiple PVRs).

Designed to meet the needs of hospitality, healthcare and corporate environments, Flamingo Replay can be quickly integrated with third party equipment through an intuitive and documented API with easy interfacing.

Benefits of Flamingo Replay:

  • Advanced features such as time-shift and pause live TV enable Flamingo Replay can scale with your business, and is suited to all sizes of organizations, from boutique hotels with 20 rooms to large residential projects with up to 5000 rooms, and everything in between
  • Storage is embedded on Flamingo Replay which removes the need for recording devices for every TV and in every room
  • Content can be ingested pre-encrypted so Flamingo Replay can be used for premium video-on-demand packages
  • You can also use Flamingo Replay to stream your company’s advertisements or educational content, or even your own personal channel
  • Flamingo Replay can pause live TV, so your patients, guests or customers can create a ‘delayed channel’ to view their programs when it suits them best
  • The replay function also allows users to view programs that they may have missed
  • Special use case: pay-TV operators can reach new audiences by proposing a secured, on-demand TV service using IP or push VoD provisioning in any kind of institutional setting – contact us for details!


Reduce OPEX and support costs with remote configuration and monitoring

Use Cloud Services to configure and monitor your Flamingo deployments remotely, before small issues become real problems.

Anevia Cloud Services is a multi-tenant web-based application that offers a full set of features including 24/7 global and remote monitoring, remote operations, head-end sizing and report generation.

This means that system integrators can receive alerts before smart cards expire, so that they can make the updates necessary to avoid service interruptions and unscheduled on-site operations. It also means that upgrades can be made remotely, which removes the need to send technicians to a physical site.

You can also prepare your configuration directly (offline staging) in the Cloud Services tool, even when you are offline, and at any time. Once you connect your Flamingo to Cloud Services, it will automatically retrieve this configuration to make an instant service launch.

Benefits of Cloud Services:

  • Gain flexibility and save costs by configuring Flamingos offline, anywhere and at any time
  • Save time with fast channel line-up dimensioning and sizing
  • Fix small issues before they become real problems by remotely monitoring your Flamingo deployments
  • Make informed decisions on needed actions with customized, real-time alerts and email notifications about Flamingos (any down equipment, expired licenses, available memory…) and broadcasting service conditions
  • Anevia Cloud Services constantly updates the status of all broadcast TV sources, which gives us a most reliable TV channel database that you can use to create your channel line-up
  • You can create reports on programs, CAM versions, service plans such as channels, satellite or IP address… and export and share them as needed
  • Keyword search of your installed Flamingo base allows you to quickly view any channel, serial number…
  • Anevia Cloud Services also automatically backs up and records all Flamingo configuration changes, so you never lose historical data


Want to know more on how Anevia’s products and expertise can assist you in delivering à la carte next generation TV experience anytime, anywhere and on any screen?

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