Boost your profits on OTT TV with targeted advertising

Make  targeted advertising simple with Anevia’s End-to-End Dynamic Ad Insertion Solution

As a provider of OTT TV services, you need multiple sources of revenue to ensure profitability. And also to ensure resilience when facing a crisis. Ad revenues are important. But are they always effective and efficient? Targeted advertising offers a great opportunity to unleash new sources of value, for example when replaying DVR content.

To personalise advertising, you need a Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI) solution. This includes many components: ad preparation, ad enabling, ad routing and ad stitching.

Anevia’s end-to-end Dynamic Ad Insertion solution provides all these components. And they are already integrated into our award-winning end-to-end OTT delivery solution (from encoders to CDN). This reduces complexity and guarantees that the various components will all work together – both now and in the future, as you upgrade them.

Benefits of Anevia’s End-to-End DAI Solution

Reduce time-to-market:

Cut integration and testing time to get your targeted advertising system up and running quickly, by sourcing everything you need from a single supplier.

Offer viewers a seamless experience:

Achieve smooth transitions between content and ads by using the same encoding engines and packagers for both – and delivering both through the same CDN.

Secure revenues:

Defeat ad blockers and ad skippers with this server-side solution to secure your ad revenues. And enable server-side ad reporting to comply with advertisers’ expectations.

Guaranteed compatibility – now and in the future:

The components work together by design, maintaining both compatibility and features such as ultra-low latency even as you upgrade them.

Save resources:

Ad encoding can run on the resources of Anevia’s award-winning elastic CDN solution NEA-CDN®. During low traffic on the CDN, you can free cache server CPU capacity to encode new ads, eliminating the need for extra resources.

Achieve ultra-low latency:

Operators deploying Anevia’s end-to-end OTT video-delivery solution can achieve end-to-end latency that is well below broadcast levels. And by adding just under one second of latency with our DAI solution, you can provide targeted advertising without exceeding broadcast-level latency.

Anevia’s end-to-end Dynamic Ad Insertion solution was highly commended in the 2020 CSI Awards, in the “Best AdTech technology or solution” category!


Anevia's DAI solution was highly commended in the "Best AdTech Technology or Solution" category!

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