Genova Live: Ultra-Low Latency live OTT encoding

Live OTT encoding with Genova Live

Genova Live is a software-based encoder for live OTT encoding, as well as live IPTV video encoding.

So what exactly does it do? Three things:

  1. First of all, it compresses live video and audio feeds to H.264 (AVC) and HEVC for IPTV and multi bitrate OTT.
  2. Then, it encodes content in SD, HD and 4K / UHD with HDR.
  3. And finally, if your architecture requires it, Genova Live can also include an OTT packager to push your content to third-party CDNs.

Furthermore, Genova Live has a modular architecture. This makes it suitable for encoding on a variety of platforms: either on a physical server, or on a private or public Cloud, with virtualisation or Docker containerisation.

Plus, it is easy to adopt. You can easily manage and monitor Genova Live remotely, and you can integrate it seamlessly within existing content-processing workflows.

Benefits of Genova Live:

  • Genova Live enables ultra-low latency, with its ultra-low latency original design
  • It can run on COTS servers, virtual machines or containers
  • Reliable: Genova Live encoders are deployed globally, running 24/7 to serve broadcast-quality content
  • Its high density mode uses less hardware to reduce power consumption and hardware maintenance costs
  • Content-aware encoding mode preserves high video quality while lowering bandwidth requirements and CDN costs
  • Special packager settings: CMAF-LLC reduces latency to under the size of the GOP structure, without impacting encoding quality
  • Future-proof, upgradeable software
  • ‘Pay as you grow’ licensing

Thanks to a collaboration between Anevia and Intel, our Genova encoders now enable 20% more channels at the same CPU frequency – meaning that OTT operators can offer more services, at the same cost. Watch the video below to find out more.

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Future-proof your business with ultra-low latency live OTT encoding

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