Flamingo: High-quality live and time-shifted multiscreen TV services over any network

Delight your patients, guests or customers on every screen with Anevia’s IPTV head-end

Provide high quality, live and on-demand multiscreen TV services over any network with Anevia’s Flamingo – our IPTV head-end.

Our software-based IPTV head-end securely delivers live and time-shifted TV and radio content captured from digital, satellite, cable, terrestrial, HDMI, IP or Web sources, to set-top boxes, connected TVs, PCs, tablets or smartphones over an IP-based, coaxial or wireless network.

In addition to live TV, Flamingo offers a wide range of services, including pause and time-shifted TV, replay and catch-up, nPVR, and VoD.

Flamingo is an all-in-one, modular TV gateway that satisfies content-owner security requirements with integrated DRM content protection – reducing hassle and costs.

Benefits of Flamingo:

  • Enable your patients, guests or customers to regain control of their viewing schedule with advanced services such as pause & time-shifted TV, replay & catch-up TV, Video on Demand (VoD) and network Personalised Video Recorder (nPVR)
  • Enable your patients, guests or customers to view on their mobile devices, even outside the room, thanks to DASH, HLS and Smooth Streaming support
  • Virtual channels: Stream specific content, such as adverts or promotional information – managed as an internal TV channel with content stored on-board rather than being played from a separate media player
  • Web TV: Offer a large choice of TV channels from all over the world, received through Internet (OTT) and with cleared channel rights
  • Secure premium content using CAM or Verimatrix for descrambling and LG Pro:Idiom, Samsung Lynk DRM, Philips VSecure, Arris SecureMedia or Verimatrix for rescrambling
  • Ensure smooth operations thanks to Anevia Cloud Services that enable end-to-end channel line-up and sizing, offline staging, monitoring and custom reporting.
  • Customise your TV channel configuration by choosing the software version of Flamingo that can run on servers or on a virtual machine, or a modular appliance version; and by benefitting from up to 88 tuners.



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Delight your patients, guests or customers on every screen

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