Cloud Services: Fix small issues before they become real problems

Reduce OPEX and support costs of your Flamingo head-end

How do you make sure you get the most of your Flamingo head-end? Through remote configuration and monitoring.

Use Anevia Cloud Services to configure and monitor your Flamingo deployments remotely, before small issues become real problems.

Anevia Cloud Services is a multi-tenant web-based application offering a full set of features. These include 24/7 global and remote monitoring, remote operations, head-end sizing and report generation.

With Anevia Cloud Services, you can receive alerts before the smart cards expire. You can therefore make the updates necessary to avoid service interruptions and unscheduled on-site operations. Anevia Cloud Services also enables you to make such upgrades remotely – meaning it is no longer necessary to send technicians to a physical site.

You can also prepare your configuration directly (offline staging) in the Cloud Services tool, even when you are offline, and at any time. Once you connect your Flamingo to Cloud Services, it will automatically retrieve this configuration to make an instant service launch.

Benefits of Cloud Services for the Flamingo head-end:

  • Gain flexibility and save costs by configuring Flamingos offline, anywhere and at any time
  • Save time with fast channel line-up dimensioning and sizing
  • Fix small issues before they become real problems by remotely monitoring your Flamingo deployments
  • Make informed decisions on required actions with customised, real-time alerts and email notifications about Flamingos (any down equipment, expired licenses, available memory…) and broadcasting service conditions
  • Anevia Cloud Services constantly updates the status of all broadcast TV sources, which gives us a most reliable TV channel database that you can use to create your channel line-up
  • You can create reports on programmes, CAM versions, service plans such as channels, satellite or IP address… and export and share them as needed
  • Keyword search of your installed Flamingo base allows you to quickly view any channel, serial number, etc.
  • Anevia Cloud Services also automatically backs up and records all Flamingo configuration changes, so you never lose historical data.
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Reduce your opex and support costs through remote monitoring and configuration

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