Let your subscribers keep their cherished memories!

Manage your growing cloud DVR storage needs with Embedded Distributed Storage (EDS) – Anevia’s cloud DVR storage solution

Cloud DVR gives you new ways of monetising your OTT service. It can also make your customers loyal, while reducing your opex and capex costs. But as your subscriber base – and the amount of content they record – grow, how do you keep up? You will need a dedicated cloud DVR storage solution.

Efficient Cloud DVR Storage

Anevia’s Embedded Distributed Storage solution (EDS) halves your infrastructure needs and reduces complexity. It also reduces your environmental footprint.

Instead of locating assets on dedicated storage servers, you distribute them across the embedded storage available on each streaming server. And a single video only needs to be recorded once for all and watched by millions.

With EDS, scaling up your cloud DVR storage has never been so easy – and your subscribers can keep their cherished memories!

Benefits of EDS

Reduce churn:

Scaling up your storage is easy and cost-effective with EDS. So you can add more channels to the line-up or expand the duration of your recording retention to multiple years – making your subscribers happy and loyal!

Increase ARPU:

With scalability you can upsell storage – either the amount of video viewers store, or the period of time for which they store it.

Limit your risks:

Because scaling up is so easy, you can start with a small set up and expand it as your service grows in popularity. EDS also comes with a multi-site disaster-recovery solution so that in case of an incident in one data centre, recordings are available for playout from the other sites.

Reduce costs:

Only a fraction of recorded content is consumed regularly. EDS now comes with multi-tiered storage to reduce your costs. You can store less-popular content on existing multi-purpose storage solutions.


Anevia’s EDS with multi-tiered storage won the 2020 CSI Awards, in the “Best data storage solution” category!

Anevia's cloud DVR storage wins CSI Awards