High-quality OTT Video Encoding

By Silvia Candido, Field Marketing Director

TV service operators want to provide high-quality video – but they also want to keep costs down. That’s why they need affordable, high-quality OTT video encoding.

Now they have it – thanks to Intel’s latest Xeon® Platinum 8200 series processors, combined with Anevia’s Genova software encoders, which enable 20% more HD channels at the same CPU frequency. So high-quality OTT video encoding is finally affordable!

Want to know more? Here are two things you can do.

First, listen to Jérôme Blanc, EVP Compression Products, talk in a live interview by Intel® Chip Chat Network Insights at IBC’s Visual Cloud conference. He described the huge changes happening with OTT TV services. He explained how our end-to-end solutions make life easier for TV providers. And how they avoid the extra cost of dedicated hardware for video encoding software.

And second, watch our video here!


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