Near-live TV for healthcare institutions: when making a pause is just what the doctor ordered

Authored by Francois Clemenceau, Channel Partner Manager

In September 2017, Anevia released version 3.9 of its Flamingo family of video headend solutions for the enterprise market. This new version introduces a near-live feature, that allows viewers to pause during a live TV stream and pick up where they left off when they are ready. Near-live viewing has been available for some time in the telco and media market, through Anevia’s range of origin servers and CDN components. But it is the first time any supplier in the industry is offering such a feature in a headend unit for the enterprise market.

Interestingly, from the early demos performed over the summer period, weeks before the product’s official release, near-live viewing was particularly well received in one market segment: healthcare. Indeed, hospitals, nursing homes, spas and health resorts all share one same concern, which is the need to provide patients or residents with individual treatment or care at specific times of the day, with doctors, nurses and physiotherapists often committed to tight daily visit schedules. Simply put, when the therapist walks in, the TV needs to go off. The same applies to nursing homes with fixed lunch and dinner schedules, where guests are requested to show up in time for their meals.

Live TV versus VoD

For many of us, who get IPTV delivered to our homes through fibre or DSL, being able to watch a program whenever is convenient, rather than committing to a scheduled broadcast, has become totally mainstream, as replays and VoD are now offered by most ISPs and OTT service providers on the market. But the enterprise segment isn’t quite there yet. Indeed, healthcare institutions have not yet made a massive move to offering VoD to their residents and many are still just providing a selection of live TV channels, distributed throughout the facilities, using coax, IPTV or wifi networks. Indeed, over 60% of Anevia’s customers in the healthcare space have yet to introduce a VoD service.

Also, even when VoD is available, many patients or residents don’t necessarily think of bookmarking or saving their preferred program ahead of their physician’s daily visit and often just turn on the live broadcast without anticipating. So being able to make a pause during a show is the most flexible option.

With this new feature, along with the Flamingo’s full feature set, healthcare institutions have an easy and cost effective way of differentiating from competing establishments, especially for medium or long stays, where residents plan their visit ahead of time and compare all aspects that will make their stay as enjoyable as possible.

Flamingo: modernising in-room entertainment without breaking the bank

Anevia’s Flamingo head-end unit is designed to provide hotels, healthcare institutions and enterprises with a novel solution to deliver live, time-shifted and on-demand TV services that also address personal devices (smartphones, laptops, set-top boxes, etc) through WiFi.

The Flamingo Suite is modular and scalable, so customers may choose the input and output modules that fit their business model – and modules can be added or removed as their needs evolve overtime.

More on Anevia’s Flamingo suite here 



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