Mobile World Congress 2020 – 5 Things You Missed about 5G

By Silvia Candido, Field Marketing Director

Today would have been the first day of the Mobile World Congress.

A virus has stopped us from getting together. But it will not stop us from exchanging ideas and information – especially about 5G, the would-be hot topic at the would-be event.

Here is what you would have found out about Anevia’s solutions for 5G networks, had you dropped by our booth at Mobile World Congress:

1. Our software-defined solutions adapt to all networks – including 5G

If you’re looking to set up a TV everywhere service over a 5G network, or if you have one already and want to scale up, Anevia can help. Our solutions are based on ABR technology, which works on all kinds of networks, including 5G.

2. 5G will enable a new era of vivid and impactful images

5G means greater bandwidth. And greater bandwidth enables better image quality.

How do you make sure that with the new bandwidth available, you can offer great quality? With encoders that can deliver that quality.

The trick is to have encoders with an efficient compression engine, that can keep on increasing image quality as the bitrate increases.

Such as Anevia’s Genova encoders.

3. Our Ultra-low latency solution works on 5G networks

Those who have been following Anevia for a while know that we are pretty good at solutions for ultra-low latency video delivery – for example, having powered the first commercial ultra-low latency service in the US last year. In fact, we even won a CSI award for it last year!

Anevia wins 2 CSI Awards

That’s because all the different components need to work together to achieve ultra-low latency: the encoder, the packager, and the CDN. Being one of the few companies that actually offer an end-to-end video-delivery solution, we can ensure that the whole solution is optimised for low latency.

Our ultra-low latency solution works on any network – including 5G!

4. Anevia’s software-defined solutions scale easily on 5G networks

When you start your TV everywhere service, it will be small. But it will eventually scale up. So you need the technology to follow.

Anevia’s software-defined solutions scale easily on all networks – including 5G. That’s because of two unique solutions we have developed:

First: Embedded Distributed Storage, our as yet unrivalled storage technology. It converges streaming servers with storage servers, doing away with the need for dedicated servers to offer unlimited scalability. As the number of subscribers increases, so will the number of streaming servers – which will automatically increase storage capacity.

Second: NEA-CDN® v5, our award-winning elastic CDN solution. More about this in paragraph 5 below.

Our customers love the way it scales – as you can hear from Com Net, Inc.

5. The 5G network will make it easier to meet peak demands

The 5G network introduces a new network architecture that is cloud-native. This enables elasticity – so you can meet peak demands without investing in over-capacity.

But you need the right technology running over the network to enable this.

Our award-winning, software-defined, cloud-native NEA-CDN® v5 was the first cloud-native CDN solution.

Anevia wins 2 CSI Awards

It comes with an orchestrator with which you can easily switch on extra nodes when you need them (for example, for a popular football game) – and then switch them off again after. Scaling your CDN up and down is easy and takes just minutes.

BONUS: 5G will enable Multi-Access Edge Computing

Your future 5G network will enable Multi-Access Edge Computing.

And our latest NEA-CDN software (see paragraph 5, above) can use these new resources to reduce your video bandwidth costs.

But for more information on that, you’ll have to hang on for one more week…


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