How virtual channels can help hotels rebound post-lockdown – Flamingo Tea Talks episode 2

By François Clemenceau, Sales Director for Anevia’s Enterprise Market

In the first episode of [Flamingo Tea Talks], Thibaut Boissot talked about how to ensure great entertainment. But this year, health and safety are at least as important. Because of this, virtual channels can play a role in helping hotels rebound post-lockdown.

What we are talking about is simply the ability for hotels to distribute their own TV channels on TV screens in the hotel. Sometimes referred to as “internal channels”, these have been around for many years now. They are not something new for hotels.

But many hotels were either unaware of virtual channels, or afraid of their complexity. Generally, virtual channels were seen as something for luxury hotels, who used them mainly to enhance their brand image. There has not been much in terms of sharing useful information with guests, or in terms of generating revenues.

Then suddenly, the SARS-CoV-2 virus came along – drastically changing priorities for the hotel industry. So what has changed, and how can virtual channels help hotels rebound?

Watch this video for my insights – and to learn about Anevia’s free offer to help hotels rebound post-lockdown:

And stay tuned for our next blog article to find out how to enable the home TV experience in hotels.


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