How to ensure OTT project success from deployment throughout the entire life cycle – Green Tea with Anevia Episode 5

By Alexandre Arnodin, VP Sales Engineering at Anevia

You know that an OTT platform needs to be well designed. But there is another thing that is just as important for OTT project success. When you move from plans to implementation, how can you ensure that the project is delivered on time and that you can run it smoothly over the years?

As VP Sales Engineering at Anevia, I have spent years working with different OTT service providers. And I have identified 3 keys to ensuring that your OTT project will be successful.


Key #1: OTT Specialist

As Anevia CTO Damien Lucas mentioned in episode 4 of Green Tea with Anevia, video delivery technologies in a multiscreen environment (so-called “OTT”) are now becoming the de-facto standard for video delivery over any network.

We still see many technology vendors generating most of their revenues from other “legacy” technologies (mainly broadcast over satellite, cable, terrestrial or even IPTV), while in parallel some new companies have come up over the last few years focusing on multiscreen video delivery.

This focus brings multiple benefits. As an example, such companies’ R&D teams take advantage of both cross-fertilisation and resource optimisation. This means they will find better and faster ways to solve technical problems. Therefore their customers will enjoy more efficient products with a shorter time to market.

Also, an OTT specialist is more likely to be a thought leader who influences the market. This means that customers can get innovative solutions that are more reliable as they are deployed earlier and are therefore more field-proven.

So choosing an OTT specialist is key when you decide to set up an OTT platform. The supplier must focus on OTT technologies and have a proven track record in this area.

But this is not enough. Watch the video to discover keys #2 and #3 for ensuring your OTT project success:

And stay tuned for my next blog article to find out how to ensure that your OTT platform is both efficient and versatile.


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