How to distribute your TV channels on guest mobile devices – Flamingo Tea Talks Episode 5

Francois Clemenceau, Sales Director for Anevia’s Enterprise Market


The OTT home experience, as well as BYOD « bring your own device » and BYOC « bring your own content » trends, are reshaping hotel guest expectations. Guests want to be able to watch their favourite TV show on their terms. Where they want, when they want and on the devices they want.


For guests who are sharing a room, being able to watch TV on their mobile devices could save them a conflict if two people want to watch different programmes.


But beyond avoiding couple disputes, it just makes the guest experience better. Guests are no longer limited to their hotel room when they want to watch the news. They can catch up on the news while having breakfast or waiting for someone on the lobby. And they can relax and enjoy their favourite programmes in the bathroom or by the hotel pool.


Meanwhile, the hotel can enhance the quality of its service and its strategic positioning. And – because it controls these channels – it can promote its services to earn extra revenue per guest.


So, given all these benefits, how can hotels provide a multiscreen experience and distribute TV channels on personal mobile devices?


It just takes four simple steps.


Watch this video to discover the four steps. And to find out how you can start with just a few channels and scale up as your guests catch on the new service:


In our next blog article, Damien Lucas, CTO & co-founder of Anevia, will talk about how hotels can get rid of headends – and still deliver a great TV experience. Stay tuned!



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