How to Deliver Broadcast-quality Live Streaming with an Elastic CDN

Damien Lucas, CTO & co-founder of Anevia

When streaming a live sports event to millions of viewers, you would not want this message to appear on users’ screens: “We’re having trouble playing this. Rest assured, we’re working on it.”

Yet stream interruptions have impacted millions of viewers at critical moments in each of the last four Super Bowls. So why would anyone expect that live OTT will live up to the legacy TV experience?

As a streaming service provider, you need to offer a viewing experience that matches or exceeds that of traditional broadcast and pay-TV. But is this possible? And how?

October 22nd & 24th, I gave a webinar in which I shared a new approach to CDN infrastructure that can help you meet and exceed the broadcast experience.

Traditional CDN infrastructures are becoming increasingly inadequate for a number of reasons. CDNs need to change. Here’s why.

The first and most obvious reason: OTT traffic is exploding.

The total number of OTT viewers is increasing. The amount of time they spend consuming premium content is increasing. And the volume of traffic attributable to sports and other live-streamed programming is increasing. Yet traffic is not constant. Peaks are followed by troughs. So with a traditional CDN infrastructure, you need to design capacity for the peaks. But if today’s peaks are tomorrow’s standards, what will tomorrow’s peaks be? How much over-capacity do you need to build into your system?

Secondly, viewers’ expectations in terms of quality of service have changed radically.

Today’s viewers want not only the multiscreen, anyplace convenience; they want it with a broadcast-level viewing experience. That means virtually no buffering delay at the start and no buffering anywhere during the programme.

A third reason is the growing importance of dynamic advertising and service personalisation.

CDNs also play a role in these two areas, which can be major contributors to the success of an OTT TV service.

So CDNs need to change to meet all these demands. But how? Is multicast ABR a viable solution? What about peer-to-peer? Or do you need to do live streaming with an elastic CDN?

View the webinar recording to hear my insights on each of these solutions – and how live streaming with an elastic CDN can help:

And download our latest whitepaper on Elastic CDN for more details.



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