How to build an OTT platform that can scale and meet unexpected demand – Green Tea with Anevia Episode 3

Damien Lucas, CTO & co-founder of Anevia

Lockdown stretched OTT platforms. What used to be peak traffic in 2019 became the daily norm. And the new viewing habits formed during this exceptional period might well continue. This has strained many TV service providers. Because, unlike broadcast TV, OTT TV needs to be able to scale up to meet growing demand – both in terms of new services and more channels offered, and in terms of the growing number of subscribers.

So how could OTT TV service providers handle the sudden and sustained increase in traffic during lockdown? And how can they continue handling huge traffic now that lockdown is over in many parts of the world?

I addressed these questions in episode 3 of Green Tea with Anevia.

First, we looked at what “quick and dirty” fixes TV service providers could implement right away, in an emergency. But these fixes are generally not sustainable in the long term. So next, we looked at what design elements TV service providers need to achieve scalability and high availability in OTT. And how these can be achieved in the most efficient way.

Watch the video to find out the answers:

And stay tuned for our next article on episode 4 of Green Tea with Anevia, about designing resilient business models in OTT!


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