How Operators Can Offer TV Services – the Smart Way

By guest blogger Alex Benjamin, Sales Director, Elisa BingeTV

If you are a telecom operator and have not yet gone into the TV services business, this is probably high on your to-do list. That’s because your mobile offering will eventually reach its peak volume, so adding services around entertainment is a tempting proposition.

But there are many questions that you need to ask yourself. For example, where do you find the right technology for your specific purposes, without reinventing the wheel? How do you clear content rights as a new player? And how do you go to market in an as-yet unfamiliar business?

One answer could be to turn for help from those who have done it already.

Elisa, for example – the leading operator in the highly competitive Finnish market. We have over ten years of experience running its market-leading TV services. We are now sharing this know-how, from one operator to other operators. Here is an example of how we are continuously learning about and solving customer frustrations in TV, and building a great user experience.

BingeTV: How operators can offer TV services

On top of these insights, Elisa offers BingeTV, a managed TV as a Service solution, which enables other operators to set up TV services for their own consumers – quickly, easily and cost-effectively.

The BingeTV solution offers a true end-to-end turnkey solution for operators. This includes financing, marketing, content aggregation, and delivery, as well as flexible business models, and customisation to ensure the best possible customer experience. Elisa has unique and market-proven expertise in OTT transition and subscription services, and in continuously improving customer satisfaction and retention, as well as profitability of the business.

It’s not by chance that Anevia is hosting this blog post. While both companies have considerable experience, they have also kept their spirit of innovation. BingeTV is the perfect illustration of this spirit and experience.

Anevia is working with Elisa to power key areas of the BingeTV end-to-end solution. The diagram below shows the resulting end-to-end solution. The parts are designed to ensure true interoperability both now and in the future, as new features are added. Making sure your customer experience stays ahead of the competition – while reducing time to market for new functionalities.

Anevia and Elisa BingeTV offer - showing how operators can offer TV services


A telecom operator entering the TV services market now actually has an advantage. That’s because it does not have the legacy of previous technical platforms or set-top boxes. There is a huge opportunity for making smart decisions.

BingeTV: Ensure Quick & Safe Roll-out

The good thing with Elisa being an operator is that we know the big picture of the operator business. The managed TV services solution by BingeTV is a safe way for operators to enter the TV services business without upfront investments. Plus, Anevia’s video-delivery platform ensures that it can meet any scale-out requirements seamlessly – both now and in the future. This is a powerful proposition.

Telecom operators are often surprised to discover that the most difficult and time-consuming part of creating a TV service business can be reaching reasonable agreements for content. They start from scratch in the TV services business, without much previous experience or negotiation benefits. That will mean high minimum guarantees for linear content and even some content such as Netflix or Amazon being unattainable. Elisa can help on this part as well, and even offer advice on original content production.

BingeTV provides a solution for operators, whatever their size and geographic location, to improve customer satisfaction and retention overall, but also to start generating healthy revenue right away from their TV services business.

The BingeTV team and Anevia would be delighted to explain further the opportunities of TV services business for telecom operators, through business case numbers and scenarios.

We’ll be at the Anevia stand at IBC 2019: Hall 5, stand B66 at the Amsterdam RAI, September 13th-17th.

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