How do you get good picture quality? Green Tea with Anevia Episode 1

By Jérôme Blanc, VP Products

Three weeks ago France was in lockdown. That’s when we launched Green Tea with Anevia – a series of 20-minute chats with our experts in OTT. In episode 1 I talked about picture quality.

But first – why were we even interested in the quality of pictures when operators around Europe were trying to reduce bandwidth to meet the huge surge in video consumption during lockdown?

For me, it all boils down to three essential things:

  1. It’s important for your reputation. Without a good image quality, your reputation will suffer – and that means you might have a harder time attracting new customers.
  2. It enables you to provide a better quality of service. And this, in turn, means your customers will be happier – and your levels of churn will be lower.
  3. It helps you save costs!

Yes because, as I pointed out, if you do compression right (which you do, when you want good picture quality), you will reduce the number of bits travelling through your OTT platform. This means reduced storage costs and reduced CDN consumption. You will win all round.

So how do you deliver great picture quality? What really counts, and what’s new with Anevia’s encoders?

Watch the video to find out.

And stay tuned for our next article on episode 2 of Green Tea with Anevia!


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