How can you reduce latency for live OTT delivery? Green Tea with Anevia Episode 2

By Jérôme Blanc, VP Products

In episode 1 of Green Tea with Anevia, I shared how you can wow your viewers of OTT TV with great picture quality. Yet that is not enough to wow them. Viewers of OTT services expect a premium experience. Especially in the case of live sports, this also means you need to reduce latency.

But just about every live sporting event has been cancelled. Is reducing latency still relevant today?

I think it is more important than ever. Because live sports are about to pick up again soon. Practically all European soccer championships are scheduled to reopen in the coming weeks. At first, there will be no fans in the stadium. Even so, it’s high time for broadcasters and TV operators to prepare. And there will probably be new ways of engaging with fans: such as live interactive shows with sports stars during intermission, which low-latency streaming enables.

So how can we achieve ISO broadcast latency today, without compromising on picture quality or interactivity?

Watch the video to find out:

And you might be interested in the eBook I co-authored on the topic a couple of years ago (which is still very relevant):

Stay tuned for our next blog article on episode 3 of Green Tea with Anevia, where Damien Lucas, Anevia’s CTO and co-founder talks about how to design a scalable and robust OTT platform.


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