How hotels can deliver ethnic TV

Authored by Ivonne Prugnaud, VP Sales Enterprise

The number of international guests is exploding… So could ethnic TV help fill in hotel rooms?

Let’s start with an all-too common story. A businessman from Vietnam travels to Europe for work. Then, after spending the whole day negotiating tough deals in English, he dreams of relaxing in his hotel room, watching TV in his local language. But of course, he’s in Europe – so there is no content in his native language. And he’s too tired to watch TV in English.

The world is becoming more global, driving up the demand for ethnic TV channels.

How can hotel chains deliver ethnic TV without increasing their costs?

By installing Anevia’s Flamingo Head-End, which provides a full set of software features including WebTV capabilities. This means that hotels can easily ingest (choose) a broad selection of TV channels from the Internet and Anevia transcodes (converts) the channels into a TV stream so that guests can select a TV station in their local language, wherever they travel in the world.

Hotels do not need to install any specific equipment on top of the Anevia DVB-gateway for satellite TV channel reception. An additional software licence and the channel feed and rights are all you need to stream niche channels that are not accessible over satellite.

Such channels can vary from lifestyle & fashion to news & sports and to country-specific content in Arabic, German, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese and much more.

Several technology trends are directly impacting the travel industry. These include OTT home experience, BYOD and BYOC, and digital communication – and they are all trying to reach the growing number of international travellers.

But what do international travellers really want? They want HD-quality linear TV service customised to their demographics.

One challenge, however, still remains for hotels: how to get clearing rights on WebTV channels. Anevia will soon announce a strategic partnership to overcome this challenge. Stay tuned!



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