How to extend OTT services: the POST Luxembourg case study

Anevia/ATEME Case Study

How POST Luxembourg Extended its PostTV Streaming and Cloud DVR Service with Anevia’s NEA-DVR® Solution – Working with ATEME Encoders


POST Luxembourg is the premier supplier of telecom services in Luxembourg.

Back in 2008, it started offering linear IPTV services. Six years later, it expanded by adding multiscreen and non-linear services such as replay, timeshift and start-over. Today POST Luxembourg offers more than 400 channels processed by ATEME’s TITAN encoders and delivered by Anevia’s origin-packager-recorder NEA-DVR®.

The service met with great success from the very beginning. Viewers are now massively adopting non-linear OTT services. The combined ATEME and Anevia solutions work so well that POST Luxembourg also offers its OTT platform to international operators wanting to offer similar services in their countries.

The Challenges: Extend OTT Services

By 2020, the POST Luxembourg service and the platform’s international operations were so successful that the load and storage that the OTT platform had to handle were quickly approaching their limits. It was time for a revamp.

In this revamp, POST Luxembourg wanted to remove both the operational and the technical bottlenecks of its platform – to make it simpler, more scalable, and reliable. It needed a new architecture that would ensure the availability of the IPTV platform, no matter how many people were watching concurrently.

But building a new architecture sounded risky. It wanted to do that without impacting its existing customers. These included not only viewers in Luxembourg, but international operators offering their services in other countries. How could it overhaul its existing architecture while keeping its customers happy throughout the process?

The Solution

The solution started with a dual-site architecture. Anevia quickly helped it put an additional cluster in place to be able to handle the additional load.

POST Luxembourg also took this opportunity to replace its aging NAS with Anevia’s game-changing EDS [Embedded Distributed Storage], which simplified its operations with a single solution to secure both storage and streaming, making the streaming platform easier to maintain and scale up. Leveraging the NEA-DVR dual-site architecture, POST Luxembourg managed to keep all its services running while it built a second, high-availability site from scratch.

With an expanded EDS, the NEA-DVR platform got more reactive and stable, especially at the catch-up peaks in the evenings. This made a huge difference to the viewing experience.

On top of that, POST Luxembourg will be able to reuse its existing network-attached storage to serve colder cloud DVR assets as second-tier storage.

The Result

In the words of Georges Klosen, Head of Telco applications and ICT Infrastructures at POST Luxembourg:

We succeeded in going from newcomers to the number 1 IPTV provider in Luxembourg, with the most complete and innovative offer on the market.

He goes on to explain that:

The ATEME and Anevia solutions are complementary and work very well together. Anevia has been a very efficient and reliable solution since day 1. And we have a similar quality support from ATEME. Both companies have deep technical knowledge and in many ways, they complete each other. As they get closer, we expect to see more synergies in terms of end-to-end solution design, support and integration.

You can watch him talk about how Anevia and ATEME helped POST Luxembourg in its journey to success in this video:


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