DVB phase-out in rural areas

Author: Silvia Candido, Field Marketing Director

If I were living in a rural area, I’d perhaps be getting nervous about DVB phase-out.

Fibre-optic cable often does not reach rural areas – which therefore lack the high-speed Internet lines that would enable people living there to watch TV comfortably. So operators rely on digital – even though it only offers linear services.

Another option is satellite – but that’s also being phased out.

How can telecom operators complete DVB phase-out and still reach people in rural areas?

In September this year, one European telecom operator phased out its DVB services, moving everything to OTT. And it reached rural areas using Anevia’s technology.

Here’s the home of one of its customers:

A rural home that enjoys OTT TV after DVB phase-out.

A rural home that enjoys OTT TV after DVB phase-out.

Can you guess who the operator is?

Come and hear Damien Lucas speak at Content Delivery World, November 27, to find out! He’ll be talking about:

“Transitioning from broadcast to OTT – the inside of another successful switch.”


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