How to build an OTT platform that makes money – Green Tea with Anevia Episode 4

Damien Lucas, CTO & co-founder of Anevia

A successful OTT platform needs to work. It must ensure picture quality, low latency, scalability, and high availability. But it also needs to make money. Just like a poorly designed machine can suffer under unexpected stress, a poorly designed business model can also suffer in times of crisis. So how can you make sure that your OTT platform’s business model is resilient? Is there one monetisation model that OTT TV providers can bet on to make sure they keep on making money?

The answer is: NO. OTT platforms need to diversify their monetisation models to ensure resilience.

At the beginning of the ’90s, there were only two business models: advertising-based, or subscription-based (also called Pay TV). But things changed quickly and became increasingly complex. Today, OTT platforms can provide many options for users to get better services – if they pay.

Opportunities map for OTT providers

What are the design considerations to ensure efficient monetisation?


As illustrated above, there are now many opportunities for monetising an OTT platform. But what are the design considerations to ensure efficient monetisation? And what is the future of addressable TV?

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And stay tuned for our next article on episode 5 of Green Tea with Anevia, about the strategic considerations to ensure project success from deployment throughout the entire life cycle.


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