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Between June 14th and July 15th of this year, a great number of us will be stuck to our sofa, with a beer on the table and a pizza on order. The reason: FIFA’s 2018 world cup, that will take place across a dozen football stadiums throughout Russia. If sports fans are blissfully awaiting the event, OTT distribution networks are bracing for what could well turn out to be one of the highest viewing peaks in IPTV history.

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In September 2017, Anevia released version 3.9 of its Flamingo family of video headend solutions for the enterprise market. This new version introduces a near-live feature, that allows viewers to pause during a live TV stream and pick up where they left off when they are ready. Near-live viewing has been available for some time in the telco and media market, through Anevia’s range of origin servers and CDN components. But it

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Most hotels provide guests with a TV in their room and a selection of local and international channels to choose from. But what happens when guests catching the morning news need to skip into the bathroom for a shave, before heading off to their early meeting? Some high profile hotels offer a TV screen enclosure in every room’s bathroom mirror, to allow guests to carry on watching their program while getting ready. But this is

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Anevia has been recognized by the CIOReview as one of 20 most promising content delivery 

network solution providers!

The dynamic growth of fast access internet Content Delivery Networks solutions is pushing to reduce page load time and serving site content regardless of proximity to the visitors and their location. A major component of this digital super highway, video streaming, is expected to grow fourfold by 2020, when Cisco predicts 82 percent of all IP

In this previous article, we looked at how OTT is changing the game for content producers, delivery networks and ISPs, from a business stand point. Here, let’s share a perspective on the impacts of OTT from a technical point of view and the challenges the players in this new field will need to face when planning and developing their infrastructure. To make things simple, let’s break down these challenges into

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