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Smiling man on couch using remote control and smartphone to enjoy broadcast-quality OTT streaming
Author: Silvia Candido, Field Marketing Director For years, our industry has been trying to improve the video viewing experience. And for many people, this has meant improving image quality – trying to squeeze in and compress even more pixels to offer better images without congesting the available bandwidth. But it
Damien Lucas spoke at Content Delivery World. Here, two men being filmed as they talk.
Authored by Damien Lucas, Co-founder and CTO Earlier this month, I presented our recent OTT video deployment with Telia Lietuva at the Content Delivery World in London. There were so many other great presentations that I took advantage to hear what my peers were saying. And I left with these
After phasing out DTT, it's still possible to enjoy TV in rural areas - like this woman.
Author: Damien Lucas, Co-founder and CTO The mystery European operator that has been phasing out DTT (Digital Terrestrial TV) services is… Telia Lietuva. I think we’ll be seeing more operators phasing out DTT. Perhaps some of them will even go OTT over LTE, just like Telia Lietuva. But why do
Looking at trends: Dynamic Ad Insertion and Adaptive Bitrate
Authored by Pierre Lauzon, VP Sales North America It’s been about a month since I got back from the Cable-Tec Expo in Atlanta, Georgia. And I picked up on two main trends: one about making money; the other about cutting costs. Making money: Dynamic Ad Insertion Dynamic ad insertion is
An Asian-looking guest lies down exhausted on the hotel bed. If only he could enjoy ethnic TV!
Authored by Ivonne Prugnaud, VP Sales Enterprise The number of international guests is exploding… So could ethnic TV help fill in hotel rooms? Let’s start with an all-too common story. A businessman from Vietnam travels to Europe for work. Then, after spending the whole day negotiating tough deals in English,