Anevia top 250 des éditeurs logiciels français
Quels sont les meilleurs éditeurs de logiciels en France ? Chaque année depuis 2011, Syntec Numérique et EY offrent leur réponse à cette question avec un classement du top 250 des éditeurs de logiciels français. Le résultat de la dernière édition a été publiée le 08 octobre 2019 et Anevia
How operators can offer TV services
By guest blogger Alex Benjamin, Sales Director, Elisa BingeTV If you are a telecom operator and have not yet gone into the TV services business, this is probably high on your to-do list. That’s because your mobile offering will eventually reach its peak volume, so adding services around entertainment is
Family enjoying OTT
By Silvia Candido, Field Marketing Director Four people from Anevia exhibited at Broadcast Asia in Singapore, where they brought new solutions for OTT in Asia Pacific. So how is the Asia Pacific market changing, and what is driving that change? What new products did Anevia show at Broadcast Asia? (Hint: Anevia’s
Dynamic Ad Insertion personalises the ads for every screen
By Damien Lucas, Co-Founder and CTO Do you remember ad insertion from cable-TV? With the rise of programmatic advertising in the Internet world, Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI) is now a hot topic in OTT. But while the aim of targeting is the same, the technical architecture that enables DAI is
One of the audiovisual challenges for the hotel industry is to offer both functionality and beauty
By Natalia Shapkina, Strategic Accounts Sales Manager As our habits increasingly go digital, hotels face new challenges to design rooms that serve hyper-connected guests. There is one basic principle that has not changed in years in the hotel industry. When guests visit a hotel, whatever its price range, they must