Some elements of an OTT infrastructure
Authored by Damien Lucas, Co-Founder and CTO In this previous article, we looked at how OTT is changing the game for content producers, delivery networks and ISPs, from a business stand point. Here, let’s share a perspective on the impacts of OTT from a technical point of view. What challenges will the players
The Glossary of OTT: getting your jargon right, find out key definitions. CDN (or video CDN) A CDN (content delivery network) stores, or caches, the various video streams, packaged for each device format and streams them on-demand to connected user devices. CDN cache servers can be hosted in data centers
Authored by Damien Lucas, Co-Founder and CTO Standardisation has always been a tricky issue to tackle in emerging and fast growing industries. OTT is no exception. In particular, the development of multiscreen TV , that lets IPTV customers watch their favourite shows using the device of their choice (TV, tablet, smartphone, etc),
Authored by Damien Lucas, Co-Founder and CTO You may like it, you may hate it. Either way, OTT has become a key aspect of the TV delivery equation, with heavy implications for all operators both from a business and technical stand point. This means all players in the field (content owners and