Authored by Damien Lucas, Co-Founder and CTO In a recent article, we consider how the promise of a single file format for OTT distribution could drive content owners and distributors to adopt CMAF (Common Media Application Format) to potentially replace the variety of existing formats they currently need to support if
Anevia is proud to announce its entry into the 2018 Champions of Growth ranking, published by French national newspaper Les Echos. Produced in collaboration with independent statistics institute Statista, this second edition of the ranking honors the top 500 French companies that have achieved the fastest growth rate over the
Authored by Damien Lucas, Co-Founder and CTO Video quality available on OTT  platforms is getting better and better. If you just got used to HD quality, get ready for Ultra HD, a standard that takes full advantage of 4K devices now on the market, from set-top boxes (ex. Apple TV
woman watching fifa through IPTV distribution
Authored by Gregory Samson EVP Worldwide Sales Telco & Media Between June 14th and July 15th of this year, many of us will be stuck to our sofa, a beer on the table and a pizza on order. The reason: FIFA’s 2018 world cup, that will take place across a dozen football stadiums throughout
Authored by Francois Clemenceau, Channel Partner Manager In September 2017, Anevia released version 3.9 of its Flamingo family of video headend solutions for the enterprise market. This new version introduces a near-live feature, that allows viewers to pause during a live TV stream and pick up where they left off when they are