Picture quality
By Jérôme Blanc, VP Products Three weeks ago France was in lockdown. That’s when we launched Green Tea with Anevia – a series of 20-minute chats with our experts in OTT. In episode 1 I talked about picture quality. But first – why were we even interested in the quality
How can hotels rebound after COVID-19?
By Fan Zhou, Digital Marketing Manager The COVID-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on just about everyone’s lives. And one dramatic shift is that we are all travelling a lot less. So how can hotels rebound after COVID-19? STR and Tourism Economics predicts that*, due to the COVID-19 outbreak,
Silvia Candido, Field Marketing Director How do you provide TV during quarantine?   Billions of people around the world are staying home. Many are watching video online. As a result, network bandwidths are being strained. If you provide OTT or IPTV services, you need more efficient encoders to meet the
Silvia Candido, Field Marketing Director « La bonne gouvernance représente un moyen de questionner ses certitudes et de lutter contre la solitude, dans l’intérêt de l’entreprise. » Parole de Laurent Lafarge lors d’un atelier sur la gouvernance organisé par BPIfrance. L’atelier a eu lieu en 2019. Maintenant, ses mots résonnent encore plus.
Coronavirus: Lessons for the OTT industry
By Silvia Candido, Field Marketing Director If you had told me in December that, in 3 months’ time, 1.7 billion people worldwide would be stuck at home – with police checking if those few who are on the street have the required authorisation – I would probably not have believed