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Authored by Ivonne Prugnaud, VP Sales Worldwide Enterprise Last month I spent a few days in Portugal at the HTNG European Conference. Besides the lovely weather and location, it was great to learn about new ways that technology can help hotels improve their guests’ experiences. Among the many interesting talks
DVB phase-out in rural areas
Author: Silvia Candido, Field Marketing Director If I were living in a rural area, I’d perhaps be getting nervous about DVB phase-out. Fibre-optic cable often does not reach rural areas – which therefore lack the high-speed Internet lines that would enable people living there to watch TV comfortably. So operators
Companies can invest in IPTV and OTT to boost employee engagement. Here, employees enjoy watching corporate TV during their coffee break.
Authored by Natalia Shapkina, Strategic Accounts Sales Manager & Thibaut Boissot, Pre-Sales Engineer Is it OK to watch TV at work? Well, it certainly depends on your line of work and on the content itself.  But in some places, the answer is increasingly ‘yes’. And it’s driving companies to invest in
Broadcasters TV is being replaced by multiscreen.
Authored by Jérôme Blanc, Executive Vice President, Compression Products Should traditional TV broadcasters stick to their legacy distribution model (satellite, cable or DTT, essentially)? Or is it time to move on? More and more people of all age groups are dropping broadcast sources such as DTT. They are connecting their
Measuring latency
Authored by Silvia Candido, Field Marketing Director Why does latency matter – and how can you reduce it?   In his interview with Advanced TV, Damien Lucas had said that low latency is important for live events such as sports. Jérôme Blanc, EVP Compression Products, and Philippe Carol, Product Management