ANEVIA/ATEME CASE STUDY - POST Luxembourg, extend ott service
Anevia/ATEME Case Study How POST Luxembourg Extended its PostTV Streaming and Cloud DVR Service with Anevia’s NEA-DVR® Solution – Working with ATEME Encoders   POST Luxembourg is the premier supplier of telecom services in Luxembourg. Back in 2008, it started offering linear IPTV services. Six years later, it expanded by
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Silvia Candido, Marketing Director, Anevia Once upon a time, content was all that mattered for a streaming service to be successful. It’s still the main concern, of course. But with the proliferation of streaming services, it’s no longer enough. Great content at the right price lets you in the game;
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By Damien Lucas, CTO & co-founder Earlier this week, I spoke in a panel at the OTT Executive Summit on how to enable and ensure broadcast-like video quality of experience in OTT. Is it possible yet? How? And what can we still improve? In this article I’ll give some of
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Damien Lucas, CTO & co-founder While the TV & media industry is playing a vital role in society during a period when we are advised to stay home, the industry is facing its own challenges. Our sector is becoming increasingly competitive as new streaming platforms continue to launch. More and
Damien Lucas, CTO & co-founder of Anevia When streaming a live sports event to millions of viewers, you would not want this message to appear on users’ screens: “We’re having trouble playing this. Rest assured, we’re working on it.” Yet stream interruptions have impacted millions of viewers at critical moments