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Anevia is proud to announce our membership in the DASH Industry Forum, which is dedicated to promoting the adoption of the adaptive streaming standard MPEG-DASH.Anevia will collaborate with pay TV operators, telcos and OTT solution providers in working groups that focus on key areas of streaming such as Dynamic Advertising Insertion, DRM with CPIX, Live Streaming, HEVC, Backend Interfaces and Players, just to name a few.According to Damien Lucas, Anevia's CTO and co-founderAs a member
Laurent Lafarge, qui a repris en main l'entreprise depuis maintenant trois ans, nous confie les perspectives de croissance de son entreprise.Il évoque ses nouvelles acquisitions, notamment le rachat de Keepixo, société spécialisée dans le développement de logiciels de compression vidéo et souligne un futur développement en Asie. this video!
Jerome Blanc COO at Keepixo, presented how containerization differs from virtualization, and why build on Docker's framework
Stacie Desplanques and Philippe Loussararian explain why the merge between the two company  is generating a turn key solution for operators and TV broadcasters, covering encoding, transcoding, packaging and storage.
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If you have anything to do with IPTV or OTT distribution in the enterprise market, you have no doubt come across the concept of video head-ends. Head-ends, such as Anevia's Flamingo suite of products, are a major building block for local IPTV distribution infrastructures in hotels or healthcare institutions, most notably.When you head back to your hotel room after a full day of meetings, sit back with a drink and a handful of peanuts and
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