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Online betting on live sports events is one of the many use cases driving ultra-low latency.
By guest blogger Bryce Pedersen, VP Marketing, castLabs Ideal for events such as sports, interactive TV, and social media, ultra-low latency is beneficial for many use cases and will soon become the new norm for OTT. Plus, there’s no waiting needed as it’s completely achievable now. Digital terrestrial TV and
HDR image showing lots of details
By Jérôme Blanc, EVP Compression Products Did you know that soon – very soon, in fact – the images you watch on your TV could be of better quality than those you see at the cinema? That’s thanks to HDR. This stands for “High Dynamic Range” and improves the viewing
By Sylvain Eloy, Product Manager, Flamingo product line One of the most attractive features of IPTV and OTT is Replay TV. This allows viewers to catch their favourite shows pretty much when they want. No more rushing home after work or skipping dinner to watch a scheduled broadcast. Most networks
video codec
By Jérôme Blanc, Executive Vice President, Compression Products Do you find it challenging to choose the right video codec – the encoding and compression standard that will help you succeed? If you are in the business of delivering video, compression rate is key. For a given video quality, compression directly
Smiling man on couch using remote control and smartphone to enjoy broadcast-quality OTT streaming
Author: Silvia Candido, Field Marketing Director For years, our industry has been trying to improve the video viewing experience. And for many people, this has meant improving image quality – trying to squeeze in and compress even more pixels to offer better images without congesting the available bandwidth. But it