Anevia at IBC 2019: Looking back

Silvia Candido, Field Marketing Director

With the feverishness and frenzy of IBC finally settled, let’s look back at what happened for Anevia at IBC 2019.

The event for us was busy, exciting, and extremely productive. We were there to promote our end-to-end OTT video-delivery solutions, including multiscreen headends, encoders, packagers, cloud DVR, storage, and CDN solutions. Solutions that enable 4K video quality, ultra-low latency, and dynamic ad insertion – while reducing the costs and delays due to integration and testing (it’s already taken care of!).

Anevia participates in IBC 2019

But before the event even began, the flurry of announcements was on. For us it started in July, with two major announcements: the launch of our NEA-CDN® 5.0 cloud native content delivery solution in Europe, and the launch of our dynamic ad insertion capabilities.

Then in early September, just before IBC, we announced a collaboration with Intel delivering a breakthrough in the performance of OTT encoding. And a few days later, a collaboration with NVIDIA for a performance breakthrough in 4K OTT encoding.

IBC began on a high note and stayed that way. On the first night, 13th September, we were one of only two companies to win not one, but two CSI awards:

Anevia wins 2 CSI Awards

Best TV Everywhere or Multi-Screen Video

End-to-end ultra low latency OTT video-delivery solution: from encoding to CDN

The solution’s latency is at least as low as broadcast. It has all the benefits of watching TV anytime, anywhere, without spoiler effects from viewers’ neighbours or from social-media posts.

Best TV or multi-screen video everywhere

The solution makes full use of Anevia’s expertise in the CMAF-LLC protocol, and resulted in the first commercial ultra-low latency OTT-based service in the US, which launched just before the 2019 NAB Show. (For more about why ultra-low latency is important, check out our ebooks on the topic: why you need it and a deeper investigation into the technology.)

Best Cloud or Virtualisation Innovation

Truly elastic CDN: NEA-CDN 5.0 and Anevia Pilot

The first cloud-native CDN solution enables operators to build a centrally orchestrated and elastic CDN, making it easy to scale (up and down), to deploy and to operate. Viewers get the best-quality video (4K HDR), even during peak viewing, and enjoy advanced services such as timeshift, video on demand, and ultra-low latency live streaming.

Best cloud or virtualization innovation

Other Highlights

Our encoding solution, Genova, had several notable press hits. This put Jérôme Blanc, EVP Compression Products at Anevia, in the spotlight. First, he was interviewed about OTT encoding by Intel. Then CSI magazine interviewed him about overcoming OTT TV service challenges, and the IBC Daily ran a Q&A with him on 14th September (flip to page 26).

Even Intel loved our encoding solution. They included us as part of their Visual Cloud Partner Demo Station, where they ran our video on affordable high-quality OTT video encoding. Here’s a look in case you missed it.

The September 15th IBC Daily ran an article on NEA-CDN 5.0. It also quoted Laurent Lafarge, Anevia’s CEO, on dynamic ad insertion. We launched server-side DAI capabilities back in July . But why do you need DAI and what are the best ways to implement it? Find out more by downloading our white paper, Dynamic Ad Insertion Made Simple!

Anevia Powering Solutions Everywhere

One of the best parts of a conference like IBC? The chance to catch up with partners and customers from all over. This was certainly true this year, probably because Anevia technology powers so many different solutions:

  • Finnish telecom operator Elisa was at our stand to promote the Elisa BingeTV offer, powered by Anevia technology.
  • We had a chance to show how French TV channel Canal+ uses Anevia technology to give its programmes frame-accurate startover.
  • We showed how Finnish operator Telia offers its cloud DVR using Anevia’s NEA-DVR® and Embedded Distributed Storage. EDS enables virtually unlimited storage of recordings for subscribers at minimal cost, using the existing origin-server disks instead of separate Network Attached Storage.
  • BitMovin, Red Bee Media, and VisualOn showed ultra-low latency video streaming in action powered by Anevia technology.
  • Anevia’s encoding technology was also demonstrated as part of the SRT Alliance panel discussion.
  • MediaClass, Minerva Networks, and Mirada showed Anevia’s end-to-end OTT video-delivery solutions.
  • Kontron showed video processing in the data center and Anevia CDN at the edge.

What Next?

The IBC 2019 story is now over. But the solutions that won awards and that we exhibited there continue to enable ultra-low latency OTT video delivery, powerful encoding, cloud DVR with virtually unlimited storage, elastic CDNs, 4K / UHD video, and dynamic ad insertion.

Our team in North America showcased some of these solutions already at Cable-Tec Expo® three weeks ago.

Anevia at Cable-Tec Expo®

Anevia will continue to show them at other events around the world in 2020. We look forward to seeing you soon, somewhere in the world!


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