2019: Year of the Awards

By Silvia Candido, Field Marketing Director

2019 was a record-breaking year for Anevia.

We might have won one or two awards – who knows, may be even three – in previous years. But never had the company, its products and its programmes received as many honours and awards as in 2019.

The awards, month by month

It all started in February, when the leading and prestigious French economic newspaper Les Echos named Anevia (for the second year running) one of the 500 most dynamic companies in France, in its annual Champions de la Croissance (Champions of Growth) listing.

We were proud, but little did we know how much more was in store for us that year.

Two months later, Anevia ended up a finalist for the OTT Accolades’ “Company of the Year” award.

Then in May we were invited to join the international Fast Growth Icons network – an invitation-only network for well established, fast-growing businesses.


Speeding up in H2

By now things had really picked up – to the tune of about one or more honours or awards every month. In June we were distinguished as one of the companies in the French Grand Prix des Entreprises de Croissance (Great Prize for Growth Companies).


In July we received a Futur40 award – an annual trophy given by Forbes France to distinguish the 40 small and medium-sized listed companies that have had the highest growth rate over the past three years. Our Sales Director for Latin America, Felix Asef – who has contributed enormously to Anevia’s growth – proudly received the trophy.


That same month, three of our products were also shortlisted for the industry’s coveted CSI Awards.


The following month – we’re now in August – Anevia was named “Ones to Watch” by the European Business Awards, one of the world’s largest and longest-running business competition awards.


In September our spirits were full of anticipation as we set off to Amsterdam for the annual International Broadcasting Convention (IBC). But what happened there exceeded our expectations. On the very first day of the event – or rather, in the evening – we attended the CSI awards. And Anevia CTO Damien Lucas had a big smile on his face as he went to pick up the trophy for the best TV everywhere / multiscreen video solution.


Just a few minutes later, his smile was even bigger as he again went to the stage. This time he got the trophy for the best Cloud / virtualisation innovation.


There were 21 categories in total for the CSI Awards. And Anevia was one of only 2 companies to win in two different categories. Quite an achievement!
But another surprise was in store for us. When I checked my emails the following day, I saw that we were not only “Ones to Watch”, but also “National Winners” in the European Business Awards, in one of the Innovation categories (there were three categories, depending on the company’s yearly revenues).

Back from IBC

Our CEO Laurent Lafarge did not have time to rest when he got back to Paris from Amsterdam. That same evening he had to rush off to the VIE awards ceremony, where Anevia received another award – this time for its international placement programme.


More surprises in October. It was not a prestigious magazine or newspaper, network or organisation. It was you – our customers – who voted for us. Not in one category. Not in two. You voted for our products to be finalists in three categories of the Streaming Media European Readers’ Choice Awards:
– Delivery Network, with our NEA-LIVE® packager and our NEA-CDN® CDN solution
– Enterprise Video solution, with our Flamingo software head-end
– Transcoding Solution, with our Genova encoders.

Finally, in November, the results: our Flamingo software head-end won the European Readers’ Choice Awards in the enterprise category.

Perhaps we could have done better – I must confess, we received no honours or awards in December. But we broke a record – and I, for one, am quite proud.


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